Self Stories

I created a pilot for Conde Nast Entertainment and Self magazine. Stay tuned for updates.

Spinning World

I directed a video for the band The Size Queens. Watch the premiere on Pank Magazine's website: and below.

Sway Lake

I co-wrote (and co-produced) the screenplay for “Sway Lake” – a film starring Rory Culkin, Robbie Sheehan, and Mary Beth Peil. We shot last year on Blue Mountain Lake in the Adirondacks.  Check it out here.

We are still completing the film so stay tuned for updates.

Into the Blue

"Into the Blue" was done for The Gold Brothers

We shot it in Co. Waterford, Ireland and are indebted to the Lincoln Family and all the people of Ardmore.  The pub we shot in - Reilly’s - is just Reilly’s living room. It is the best bar in the world:

Adventures of Power

I co-produced this feature starring Jane Lynch, Adrien Grenier, Michael Mckean, and Ari Gold. Check it out here.

and here:

and here.

Some of Them Are Nice Days

I also made this video for the NYC band The Honey Brothers. It was inspired in equal parts by weirdly sexy incest dime novels of the 70s, the aesthetics of psychiatry, and Rick Steve’s travel shows. We wanted to do something totally ridiculous. Success. We were pretty much laughing the whole time we were making it.

A Little Like You

This is a video I made with Adrian Grenier for the film Adventures of Power. I was charged with creating the most annoying faux country/pop-punk video I could manage, and I think it all worked out…